XV / I – Rondeau de la Forca

XV / I
Rondeau de la Forca

Rondeau de la forca: the thing that should not be!

In 2010 we started recording their first full-length. The idea was to do a pre rec in our rehearsal room, since XII.Lo Penjat had started to get interested in sound engineering.

After the pre-recording, however, XIII.La Mort got a sudden work call in a place very very far away, and had to abandon the project, hence the idea to record “Rondeau de la forca” in a recording studio. In order to keep his hurdy-gurdy lines on record, we decided to keep all the original material and have it mixed and mastered, without re-recording, by the best sound engineer (for us) in Turin: Tino Paratore.

After 11 years, in our opinion, it still rocks because of how raw and inspired it is.
If you’ve never listened to it, or if you want to listen to it again, you can do so for free, as well as download it up to you.

“The beginning of the album is one of the most devastating I have ever listened to in folk’s environment; “Calant De Villafranca” is a piece of shocking violence typical of black metal but with a more than massive use of folk’s original instruments. Killing rhythms, sharp riffs and a dirty growl and screaming voice, co-operating with so many wonderful phrasings and scales by accordeon, flutes, hurdy gurdy, generate a festive atmosphere as few can do.”

Metalwave blog-2012

“Rondeau de la Forca” Tracklist

I.Calant de Villafranca
II.En Passant la Riviere
III.Rondeau de la Forca
IIII.Papa Demi la Bela
V.La Fenno Louerdo
VI.Diga Joaneta
VIII.Sem Montanhòls


Recorded at Infern (Bendini, Collegno) by Lou Quinse.
Mix and master by Tino Paratore at Cerchio Perfetto studioes.
Artwork by Giovanni Pregnolato.
Pressed by Emiliano Bossi at High Voltage Records Lab.


VIIII.L’ERMITE (voice) I.LO BAGAT (accordeon) XIII.LA MORT (hurdy-gurdy) IV.L’EMPERAIRE (flutes) XII.LO PENJAT (guitar) XVIIII.LO SOLELH (guitar) XVIII.LA LUNA (bass) XI.LA FORÇA (drum)