Rondeau de la Forca (l.p. 2010)

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The 2010 lp is the first full-length work, the last composed by the band’s original line-up, self-recorded and then mixed by Torino hardcore-punk legendary sound engineer Tino Paratore, co-released with independent label High Voltage Records.
It develops and completes the sound of the first e.p., integrating the Occitane repertoire with Piedmont, Breton and composer’s songs. Darker, enriched by more complex tones and atmospheres, it doesn’t lose the previous work’s vividness and liveliness.

I – Calant de Villafranca (Trad. Pais Niçard)
II – En Passant la Riviere
(Trad. Borbonés)
III – Rondeau de la Forca
Tout le Long du Bois
(Trad. Bretanha)
Ohi Aquesta Puta
(Trad. Gasconha)
(Cyrille Brotto)
IV – Papa Demi la Bela
(Trad. Piemont)
V – La Fenna Louerda
(Trad. Val San Martin)
VI – Diga Joaneta
(Trad. Provença)
VII – Tourdion
(Thoinot Arbeau)
VIII – Sèm Montanhols
(Trad. Lengadòc)

Line up
IX.L’ERMITE (voice) I.LO BAGAT (accordeon) XIII.LA MORT (hurdy-gurdy) IV.L’EMPERAIRE (flutes) XII.LO PENJAT (guitar) XIX.LO SOLELH (guitar) XVIII.LA LUNA (bass)  XI.LA FORÇA (drum)

All music arranged by Lou Quinse from traditional Occitan and Franco-provencal tunes.
Recorded at Infern (Bendini, Collegno) by Lou Quinse.
Mix and master by Tino Paratore at Cerchio Perfetto studioes.
Artwork by Giovanni Pregnolato.

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The beginning of the album is one of the most devastating I have ever listened to in folk’s environment; “Calant De Villafranca” is a piece of shocking violence typical of black metal but with a more than massive use of folk’s original instruments. Killing rhythms, sharp riffs and a dirty growl and screaming voice, co-operating with so many wonderful phrasings and scales by accordeon, flutes, hurdy gurdy, generate a festive atmosphere as few can do.” Metalwave blog-2012

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