Lou Quinse sònt
XIIII.LaTemperança drums
VIII.LaJusticia bass
XVIIII.LoSolhel guitar, bouzouki
X.LaRodaDeFortuna guitar
VII.LoCarreton flutes, bagpipe
I.LoBagat accordion
VIIII.L’Ermite vos et brams
II.LaPapessa bagpipes (live member)

Conceived in 2006 in the mountains of Balme (Barmés), in val d’Ala, and become reality thanks to the matching of underground musicians of Torino, Lou Quinse wants to celebrate an heretical marriage between diabolic heavy metal and the cultural heritage of the western Alps.

Traditional instruments such as hurdy-gurdy, flutes, accordeon, percussions and bagpipes find new life and energy crashing on a wall of waves and distorted vibrations generated by huge guitars, a deep bass and fast drums, while a pure metal voice screams and growls the words that have been sung in taverns, forests and cobblestoned streets for centuries.

Past line up

First line up
The demo Era 2006/2011
From left to right
XII.Lo Penjat guitar, XIII.La Mort hurdy-gurdy, XVIII.La Luna bass guitar, VIIII.L’Ermite vocals, I.Lo Bagat accordeon, II.La Papesse (live member) bagpipes, IIII.L’Emperaire flute, XVIIII.Lo Solelh guitar, XI. La Força drums

This was the first Lou Quinse line-up, the one that recorded the demo in 2008 and composed the songs of “Rondeau de la forca”. It faced (a lot of!) first concerts and shaped the ideas and direction of the band. At the time it was a sort of supergroup between elements of bands from the Turin thrash/death scene that, for the most part, shared the same rehearsal room: Heretica, Abnorma, Kynesis and Vespero.

Second Line-up
The Switch Era 2010/2012
From left to right
0.Lo Mat percussion, I.Lo Bagat accordion, XVIIII.Lo Solhel guitar, XVIII.La Luna bass, IIII.L’Emperaire guitar, XII.Lo Penjat hurdy-gurdy, VIIII.L’Ermite vocals; XX.Lo Judici flute and bagpipes -live member, XI.La Força drums

After XIII.La Mort left the group, the problem arose of how to replace his virtuoso hurdy-gurdy. At that time XII.Lo Penjat was studying this iconic instrument, but how to reconcile being a hurdy-gurdy player and guitarist at the same time? IIII.L’Emperaire offered to switch from flute to guitar to replace him, but then who the hell would play the flute? And there appeared on our way XX.Lo Judici, with his wooden flutes and bagpipes!
In addition to this already crowded line-up, 0.Lo Mat, who used to play drums in another group with VIIII.L’Ermite and I.Lo Bagat, had decided to become the group’s permanent percussionist, turning each concert into an even more unrestrained satanic dance.
Unfortunately, this line-up only recorded one song, our version of the Catalan resistance song ‘Lo Pal’, translated into Occitan by Lou Dalfin, and included in the 2013 reissue of the demo.

Third line-up
The Reissue Era (2013 – 2015)
From left to right
XVIIII.LoSolhel guitar, I.LoBagat accordion, 0.LoMat percussion, VIIII.L’Ermite vocals, XI.LaForça drums, VII.LoCarreton flute and bagpipes, VI.LoCalinhaire guitar, XVIII.LaLuna bass, Luna Misale (live member) vocals

After the release of the Reissue the idea was to work on a new unreleased album. At that time, however, XII.LoPenjat and IIII.L’Emperaire decided to leave the project for other musical destinations, and so we found ourselves without a guitar and without a traditional instrument. However XI.LaForça, in the role of talent scouting, manages to bring two very young and brilliant instrumentalists into the group: VI.LoCalinhaire and VII.LoCarreton. Together with them, as a member of the many live shows of that season, the clean and boisterous voice of Luna Misale is added, while the work of composing the pieces that will become part of Lo Sabbat a few years later begins.
Of all the performances of that period, the most incredible was undoubtedly the participation in the fifth edition of Fosch Fest, full of circle pits and walls of death with no tomorrow (which in fact there wasn’t).

Fourth line-up
Lo Sabbat era (2015-2020)
From left to right
VIIII.L’Ermite voice, XVIIII.LoSolhel guitar, 0.LoMat drums, I.LoBagat accordion, VII.LoCarreton flute and bagpipes, XVIII.LaLuna bass ,X.LaRodaDeFortuna guitar (live member)

The production of Lo Sabbat was a long and difficult process, accompanied by a severe reshuffling of the tarot deck.
Right from the start, we had to say goodbye to VI.LoCalinhaire, who went off to seek his fortune in the world, and started a wonderful collaboration with X.LaRodaDeFortuna. In the process we also had to say goodbye to XI.LaForça, who left for other musical shores where he continues to rock mercilessly, replaced instead by percussionist 0.LoMat, with his crazy, monolithic, tribal drums.
From 2018 to 2020 some of our most spectacular concerts including the 2018 edition of Infestazione HC , our first time in Rome at Bencivenga Occupato and the Pyrenean tour between Toulouse and Saurat, which allowed us to go on a pilgrimage to Montségur and the Pratz dels Crematz, the last stronghold of the cathars under siege and the scene of their infamous extermination.