XV / 0 – Lou Quinse

XV / 0
Lou Quinse


In 2008 we produced our first demo, in the spirit of making demos, without imagining the impact it would have on our lives and on the drunkenness of many people.

If you have never listened to it or if you want to listen to it again, here you can.

“The band brings a dowry of a demo which contains five tracks of a wonderful mix between grind, brutal, hardcore and a lot of folk…you might think it’s exagerate… but no, because they can balance all those influences and styles with inspiration and talent. They really know how to do it. Trust somebody who saw them live: on stage they are war machines, capable of making even a corpse dance and shake.”

Heavy-Metal.it – 2010

“Lou Quinse” Tracklist

I.Seguida: Per Passar Lou Rhone, Laou
II.Para lo Lop
III.Calant de Villafranca
IIII.Ai Vist Lo Lop (la Lèbre et lo Rainard Dançar)
V.Seguida de Boreias à Tres Temps


Recorded, mixed and mastered in 2008 at Soniclab (Collegno, Torino).


VIIII.L’ERMITE (voice) I.LO BAGAT (accordeon) XIII.LA MORT (hurdy-gurdy) IV.L’EMPERAIRE (flutes) XII.LO PENJAT (guitar) XVIIII.LO SOLELH (guitar) XVIII.LA LUNA (bass) XI.LA FORÇA (drum)