ECCE! Equus Viridis

ECCE! Equus Viridis

For Satan, for Anarchy

On April 11th 2021 we made a radio session during the Home Jam broadcast for the prestigious radio (not) company Radio Blackout (105.25 fm), Torino.

It was the first session for the current lineup, it was a chance to catch up with old pals and to adore the Devil even in fm, streaming and dab.

Every obolus goes benefit to Radio Blackout, since 1992 a free, independent, antagonist radio, voice of the voiceless, of the noises, of the revolts.

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“ECCE! Equus Viridis” Tracklist

I.Intro (il Male) / Chanter, boire et rire rire
II.Lo Boier
III.La Martina
IIII.La Marmota
V.En Passant la Riviere
VI.Calant de Villafranca


Played and recorded during Home Jam broadcast at Blackout House, via Cecchi 21/A Torino.
Engeneers: Tino Paratore, Tommy.
Video: Big Gimmy
Hosted by: Emi
Artwork & lettering: Giulia Salvatore


XIIII.LaTemperança – Drums, VIII.LaJusticia – Bass, XVIIII.LoSolhel – Guitar, Bouzouki, X.LaRodaDeFortuna – Guitar, VII.LoCarreton – Flutes, Bagpipe, I.LoBagat – Accordion, VIIII.L’Ermite – Vos et brams
Thanks to: 0.LoMat at the Berimbau in La Martina, XII.LoPenjat at Hurdy Gurdy in En Passant la Riviere and Calant de Villafranca.