Diu Fa’ ma Maire Plora

Diu Fa’ ma Maire Plora
trad., corenta (Val Clouzoun)

Corenta violenta from Val Cluzoun (Val Chisone, western Alps).
Sung in Occitan, it’s a depiction of the vagabond life of a peasant or shepherd, where alcohol, beatings and hunger rule.

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Diu fa’ ma maire plora
mon paire al a de chagrin
ma maire tomba en l’ola
mon paire ent al tupin
ma maire plora plora
qu’ilh a la barba al cul
mon paire vòl talhar-la
per far lo bast al mul

Saupeses çò que minjo
amont a ma maison
pan dur com una ròcha
e nher com lo charbon
una trancha de polenta
l’es tot lo meu dinar
ilhs me donen per marenda
dus brecolas panaas

Dio fa’ my mother cries
my father has the blues
my mother falls in the pot
my father in the can
my mother cries cries
because she has a beard in the ass
my father wants to cut it off
to make a packsaddle for the donkey

If only you knew what I eat
up there at home
stale bread hard as a rock
and black as coal
a piece of polenta
is all my breakfast
they give me for lunch
some crumbed snot