Sem Montanhòls (2017)

Sem Montanhòls
trad., chançon (Roergue)

Mountain song of liberation and justice from Roergue (Occitania granda)
Mountains are considered peripherical territories and have always been ignored and vexed by monarchs and republican States, and used as a profitable source of taxes and of cannon fodder. Nonetheless, their inhabitants are proud and never tame: the only authorities they recognize are the Sun that nourishes the crops and Wine, not remote judges and their illegitimate power.

Sem montanhòls, n’avèm l’independença
L’avem, l’avem e mai la gardarem
S’i a pas de rei en França
N’autres i renharem

Nòstre sol mèstre es aquel que fa nàisser
Lo blat l’automn e l’èrba lo printemps
Pregarem que nos daisse
Lo gost del pan longtemps

Fasem justícia a mòda montanhòla
Sens desranjar los jutges enuiós
Lo còde de Laguiola
Es de bòsc de drulher

Tu vinhairon, siás fier de ta vendémia
Mas io te planhi, paure costovin
Tu coltivas ta vinha
N’autres bevem lo vin

Dels vielhs Galès n’avem cridas de guerra
Possam de crits que fan tot ressontir
En passant sus la terra
Aimam de nos far ausir

We’re mountaineers and we have independence
we have it, we have it and we’ll preserve it
if there’s no King in France
we’ll rule alone

Our only master is the one who breeds
wheat in the summer and grass in the spring
we’ll pray for him to leave us
for a long time the taste of bread

We run the justice the mountaineers’ way
without bothering the worthless judges
the code of Laguiola
is made of mountain ashwood

Vintner, you’re proud of your harvest
but I pity you, poor coast dweller
you farm your vineyard
and we drink the wine

We’ve the battle cries of the ancient Gauls
we shout so loud that everything resounds
as we tread on the ground
we like to be heard