Lou Quinse (2013 reissue)


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Five years after the publication of Lou Quinse, the Devil strikes back with a luxury vinyl remastered by sound engineer Tino Paratore at Cerchio Perfetto Studio, and released by a DIY conspiracy between distros BBHC and DistroZione, Li Barmenk‘s cultural association, independent labels L’Metal Ella and High Voltage Records.
It also features the song “Lo Pal”, an extreme and Occitan translation of the anti-fascist hymn “L’estaca”, by Catalan poet Luis Llach.

Side A – Caire X

I – Seguida (Per passar lou Rhone / Laou)
II – Para lo lop
III – Calant de Villafranca
Side B – Caire V
IV – Ai vist lo lop
V – Seguida de boreias a tres temps (Lo parpalhol / Lo Seriol / Per ben la dançar)
VI – Lo pal (L’Estaca)

Line up
IX.L’ERMITE  (voice) I.LO BAGAT (accordeon) XIII.LA MORT (hurdy-gurdy) IV.L’EMPERAIRE (flutes, guitar) XII.LO PENJAT (guitar, hurdy-gurdy, clarì) XIX.LO SOLELH (guitar) XVIII.LA LUNA (bass) XI.LA FORÇA (drum) .LO MAT (drum)

1,2,3,4,5, recorded in 2008 at Soniclab (Collegno, Torino)
6 recorded in 2012 at Soniclab (Collegno, Torino)
All tracks remixed and remastered by Tino Paratore at Cerchio Perfetto in 2013 (Torino)
Pressed by Emiliano Bossi at High Voltage Records Lab
Artwork (concept&realization) by Davide Lo Mat Di Vincenzo

DIY prod with the partnership of:
bxbxhxcx (www.facebook.com/BrigataBendiniHc)
distrozione (www.autistici.org/distrozione)
Li Barmenk (www.facebook.com/libarmenk)
L Metal Ella (www.facebook.com/lella.durand)
High Voltage Records (www.facebook.com/highvoltagerecords)

Lou Quinse support free download, copyleft and free information
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“But what I like most at their album is their style of music. Lou Quinse has this nice metalsound with a lot of authentic instruments and their love for these nice Medieval songs makes it all quite original. I can’t wait for a full length with proper recordings.” Folk-Metal.nl – 2014

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Lo Pal (L’Estaca), first extract from Lou Quinse 2013 Reissue