VIIII.L’ERMITE – voice and growls
I.LO BAGAT – diatonic accordeon
VII.LO CARRETON – flutes and pipes
XVIIII.LO SOLELH – guitar and Irish bouzouki
VIII.LA JUSTÍCIA – bass guitar

LOU QUINSE have been

.LO MAT (drums and percussions), XVIII.LA LUNA (bass guitar) XI.LA FORÇA (drums), XII.LO PENJAT (guitar, hurdy-gurdy, clarì), XIII.LA MORT (hurdy-gurdy), IIII.L’EMPERAIRE (flutes, guitar), II.LA PAPESSA (pipe), VI.LO CALINHAIRE (guitar), XX.LO JUDICI (flutes, pipe)

“The fifteen” in langue d’Oc, “The Devil”, fifteenth major arcana of Tarot.

Conceived in 2006 in the mountains of Balme (Barmés), in val d’Ala, and become reality thanks to the matching of underground musicians of Torino, Lou Quinse wants to celebrate an heretical marriage between diabolic heavy metal and the cultural heritage of the western Alps.

Traditional instruments such as hurdy-gurdy, flutes, accordeon percussions and bagpipes find new life and energy crashing on a wall of waves and distorted vibrations generated by huge guitars, a deep bass and fast drums, while a pure metal voice screams and growls the words that have been sung in taverns, forests and cobblestoned streets for centuries.

From the beginning Lou Quinse has been “a really hot tempered and motivated band, combative promoters of Occitane and Alpine culture” (Metallus blog), performing intense shows, searching high grade atmospheres on the worst stages in Italy and Europe.

“The metal with which they contaminate the Occitan music is decisively extreme, but not for this less convincing. Lou Quinse’s show was a genuine explosion of energy and enthusiasm, in both extreme metal and Occitan style. Horns Up!”
Metallus blog-2010