Lou Quinse on Mr. Folk Compilation Vol.V

We are so proud to announce that, just from now, you can find Lou Quinse on Mister Folk Compilation Vol.V.


It is the fifth digital compilation by Mister Folk, and the artwork is drawn by Elisa Urbinati.

22 bands from all over the world and 100% free, just to download

Bands: Myrkgrav (NOR), Wind Rose (ITA), Theudho (B), Bloodshed Walhalla (ITA), Odroerir (DEU), Huldre (DNK), Blodiga Skald (ITA), Tersivel (ARG), Haegen (ITA), Laochra (IRE), LOU QUINSE (ITA), Zrec (CZE), Dusius (ITA), Infinitas (CH), Folk Metal Jacket (ITA), Stilema (ITA), Dream Spirit (CHN), Forest King (USA), Vinterblot (ITA), Suld (CHN), Vættur (B), Insubria (ITA).

The song we choose is Chanter, boire et rire rire, first extract from new album Lo Sabbat and is a medley of Chanter, boire et rire rire, a traditional song from Val San Martin (Piedmont) and La Leggera, traditional workers song from Emilia Romagna.

You can find all about Chanter, boire et rire rire by clicking here

Long live DIY Productions and Underground Distros!