New 2017 Lineup


IX.L’ERMITE – voice and growls
I.LO BAGAT – diatonic accordeon
VII.LO CARRETON – flutes and pipes
XIX.LO SOLELH – guitars and Irish bouzouki
XVII.LA LUNA – bass guitar
.LO MAT – drums and percussions

New 2018 lineup for LOU QUINSE!
Without forgetting who LOU QUINSE have been all this years.

VIII.LA FORÇA (drums), XII.LO PENJAT (guitar, hurdy-gurdy, clarì), XIII.LA MORT (hurdy-gurdy), IV.L’EMPERAIRE (flutes, guitar), II.LA PAPESSA(pipe), VI.LO CALINHAIRE (guitar), XX.LO JUDICI (flutes, pipe)

See you soon on the worst stages in Italy and Europe!

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